Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's in a name?

Today something happened that got me to thinking. I was on facebook and I heard that "infamous" pop... I got a random message from a friend. He said "JAMMMMMYYYY" I paused and looked at it with my head cocked to the side thinking "why did this dude just call me Jammy?" and I was initially angry about it. I was frustrated by this because that is what my mom has been calling me since I was a little kid. One of her many nick names to be honest haha. But anyway, I was frustrated because I associated that name with women in my family (since they call me that). I then put up a tweet about the instance, and a couple people said they were going to start calling me that. I was a little upset, but then I sat and thought about it. It really shouldn't matter who calls me that, dude , lady. The stipulation I had put on the name was kind of stupid. It depends on who you are, and how close I am with you. THAT is what determines. So for some of you reading this, feel free to call me that. Do you have weird stipulations for nick names of yours?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are Nice Guys Doomed?

This is something that bothers the hell out of me. Why is it that a lot of ladies go for the dudes that treat them like shit? I don’t understand it! I get told by different people “you’re cute” or “you’re so sweet” etc etc. BUT I’m never even looked at when it comes to relationships. I’m always the best friend, or brother. Which is ok BUT I’m kind of tired of being stuck in this area. Am I wrong for not looking as you like a piece of meat? Should I stop calling you by your name and start calling you “shawty” or “lil momma” or “AYE GURL”? I will never understand why some ladies go for guys that do this. I wonder what would happen if i walked in the student center tomorrow and was disrespectful and acted as if i were trying to get into a lady’s pants. Would I walk out with a girl? Is that ALL that people are looking for now. Is there NOTHING to gain from mental stimulation? Not to bash on these guys….well who am i kidding yes I am! These guys clearly don’t respect you, yet some of your subject yourselves to being mistreated. DO some women not value themselves enough to find a man that knows a woman’s worth? (Alicia Keys) Or maybe my standards are just too high. Maybe I should run after the girl that wears clothes that show off everything they have, and curses like a sailor. Maybe I should just stop respecting women and do what everyone else is doing to get a woman. I mean come on!!! Apparently nothing is sacred anymore. Just get me a sex partner, and move on the the next right? WRONG!!!

This is something that just annoys me to the utmost!!!! but I guess I’ll never understand. I won’t lower my standard but people, I REALLY think we should all raise ours and do better for ourselves. OK that’s of my chest, I can sleep now. But tell me, is it pointless to be a nice guy now?

What about my feelings?

Hey blogspot. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but I think I should start expressing my feelings before I explode.

Well, I'm the little nice guy. I'm quiet and never want to step on anyone's toes. You offend me and what do I do? I'll let you know but it most likely won't be until later on sometime. For example, I found myself getting pretty close to a young lady. We went out on a couple dates and everything. What did I do? Keep my feelings inside about how i really felt about her. I had this fear of rejection. Like if I told her I wanted to be more than friends, she would just point and laugh then leave me there hurt... WELL GUESS WHAT! When school started she ended up getting with another guy.. So i still ended up being hurt in the long run. Does she know she hurt me? I doubt it. Whe ni see her she always wonders why I don't call or text anymore..

Well i'm tired of this. I need to stop protecting everyone elses feelings at the cost of my own. I need to focus on Dunte first. Does this mean I'm going to be mean? Nah, I can still be the nice person that i am. BUT I can't make everyone happy. I'm tired of protecting people's feelings only to get mine crushed. It's time for change.