Saturday, May 15, 2010

You never know

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here. THE SEMESTER IS OVER!!! I had been busy, and a freaking mess upstairs this semester. Maybe slight depression... I don't know. I had more ups, and downs than the Judge Roy Scream. (six flags over Texas... go there) LOL lame jokes aside, it took a good friend to hit me with some reality for me to take control again. You know who you are, thanks much for the kick in the ass.

NOW I just got back from my final (full) semester at Texas A&M University-Commerce. It's been a hard 5 years, but i'm done with the campus stuff. I'm mostly a quiet dude, keep to myself and my circle of friends. Sometimes i don't want to see anyone and am a hermit in my room, just depends on the day. but I NEVER thought I was a big deal to anyone. I felt I was just Jamal. Who knew that the little things i did and s aid meant so much to some of my friends? My last few days on campus, I had a couple people tell me how much they appreciated my friendship and such. A good friend of mine that is about 19 said I was something like a mentor to him. Apparently how i always told him to think stuff out and not be irrational helped him stay out of trouble. He also tole me that "Commerce isn't going to be the same without Jamal" Another of my friends gave me a 3 page letter the night before I left. In the letter she was talking about all the fun times we have had over the 3 years of our friendship. She remembered such details and things from when we first met, all the way to things this semester. It blew my mind to read that letter and see the small things that mean sooo much to her. This is seriously something I can read at anytime and it will put a smile on my face. :)

I share these things just to bring to your attention the fact that the little things you do and say effect others. Do you want your effect to be positive or negative? The choice is yours!

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