Sunday, December 27, 2009

What about my feelings?

Hey blogspot. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but I think I should start expressing my feelings before I explode.

Well, I'm the little nice guy. I'm quiet and never want to step on anyone's toes. You offend me and what do I do? I'll let you know but it most likely won't be until later on sometime. For example, I found myself getting pretty close to a young lady. We went out on a couple dates and everything. What did I do? Keep my feelings inside about how i really felt about her. I had this fear of rejection. Like if I told her I wanted to be more than friends, she would just point and laugh then leave me there hurt... WELL GUESS WHAT! When school started she ended up getting with another guy.. So i still ended up being hurt in the long run. Does she know she hurt me? I doubt it. Whe ni see her she always wonders why I don't call or text anymore..

Well i'm tired of this. I need to stop protecting everyone elses feelings at the cost of my own. I need to focus on Dunte first. Does this mean I'm going to be mean? Nah, I can still be the nice person that i am. BUT I can't make everyone happy. I'm tired of protecting people's feelings only to get mine crushed. It's time for change.

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