Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's in a name?

Today something happened that got me to thinking. I was on facebook and I heard that "infamous" pop... I got a random message from a friend. He said "JAMMMMMYYYY" I paused and looked at it with my head cocked to the side thinking "why did this dude just call me Jammy?" and I was initially angry about it. I was frustrated by this because that is what my mom has been calling me since I was a little kid. One of her many nick names to be honest haha. But anyway, I was frustrated because I associated that name with women in my family (since they call me that). I then put up a tweet about the instance, and a couple people said they were going to start calling me that. I was a little upset, but then I sat and thought about it. It really shouldn't matter who calls me that, dude , lady. The stipulation I had put on the name was kind of stupid. It depends on who you are, and how close I am with you. THAT is what determines. So for some of you reading this, feel free to call me that. Do you have weird stipulations for nick names of yours?


  1. No one online knows my nickname and no one will! Muahahahahahaha!

  2. my dad calls me Evalina...

    and in high school this boy that was really delicious also happened to call me that.



  3. you already know my nicknames....Dre, Head, BigHead, Shorty...lol