Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kindness for Weakness

It's time out for this BS. I don't like confrontation but I also don't like being run over. I have 8am class every day and I try to go to bed by about 12. I actually went to bed right at 12 last night BUT my roommate and his friend decided to be up until ummmm 3am so I couldn't get to sleep until they did... As I was in bed, I sat thinking, "do you understand what sleep is?" and got progressively more angry by the minute. I picked up my mp3 player and tried to listen to some music but could still hear them. Did I mention I am missing my 8am class right now because I woke up late? Hummm... I wonder why! I never said anything to my roomie but i have to because this makes no sense. I'm a light sleeper and these walls are paper thin. Ok, i'm done ranting. Enjoy your day peeps!

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