Sunday, March 21, 2010


I don't know what's been happening with me here lately. I know those words have been typed on this blog before, but this time it's in a good way. I'm still working on the angry bitter bs lol. Anyway, I have been seeing some changes in myself here lately that i never thought i had in me. I have never been one too keen on writing. I mean, for class i would write an essay, bs my way through by lots and lots of pointless elaboration. But for me to just sit down and pour my heart into words, that has never happened.

It started with that freaking poem. OH that poem. I have no idea where the words came from, or why I decided to write a poem anyway. I don't know, but it felt good. I liked writing about what it felt. It in a sense, brought my words to life, released from his cell within to allow more things inside.

And then the 2 count your blessings blogs. I don't know where the first came from. I guess it's just my way of telling myself to stop being petty and grow the hell up. But it's so true, the things i find myself complaining about are often times petty. So it was right on time, and by me expressing those words, I was able to help one of my good friends in a situation he has been going through.

And now of course my last post was another direct emotional out pour, but of a different type this time. No matter the mood, they are all heart felt words that were being said by me.

I don't understand where all of these words have been coming from. Yes, we all have stuff to say, but here lately hey have had a true meaning. These words came to me today "I am a work of art created by God, but this sculpture is far from completion. Continue to work on the blemishes in me God" Why did they pop in my head? I dunno, but they were right on time. It's true I am a wonderful creation of God as we all are. BUT we all have our issues that we need to work on. We can't fix these things on our own, so we need out creator to help us through them. I needed to hear it, and maybe someone else did.

I've never met this more philosophical, Jamal, but he ain't half bad. I hope to keep writing, be it in blog or poem. I like the person that is emerging.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for being part of this awakening.


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