Thursday, March 18, 2010

Count Your Blessings

As I sit here on a lazy Thursday afternoon, my mind is kind of racing. As you have seen in prior posts, this year I have been quite bitter, and trying to work on a better me. What's been in my mind today is the fact that we should all count our blessings.

I wake up some days mad at the world, not wanting to get out of bed and complaining about going to an 8am class. But you know, there are some people that didn't wake up from their slumber the night before. There are some that though they have woken up, they can't get up , they can't take care of themselves. They can't afford to go to school to be mad about an 8am class. Just the simple act of opening your eyes in the morning is a blessing in its self.

For that I am blessed!

I complain about being home and having to do chores even though I didn't mess up anything. Some people don't have a home or a loving family to go home to. I have been blessed with 2 amazing, God fearing parents that have been married for 25 years strong! In the world now, alot of people can't say that. These parents do so much for me and my brother and have modeled what true love is between a husband and wife, yet I complain about washing dishes. I love my parents and the beautiful home they have sacrificed so much in order to provide.

For that I am blessed!

From time to time, I find myself complaining about the little things that people do to annoy me, especially the roommate!! haha. But you know, these things are petty. As annoying as my roomie can be, he is really not a bad guy at all. We just have some cultural differences, that's all. I need to start to focus more on the positive people in my life. Those shoulders that I cry on, those people that make me smile and laugh, those people that every time I see or hear from them I get happy. Not everyone has amazing friends in their lives. Ones that are there for you no matter what, but I do.

For that I am blessed!

I guess I'm trying to grow up and grow closer to God. In this process the little petty things are starting to matter less and less. I'm learning this lesson and trying to share it with anyone that may need to hear it. Don't focus on the petty, negative things in life. Focus on the positive uplifting things. Live each day with a kind spirit, not a bitter demon. Even when things seem like they are at their worst, just sit back and think of the things that you have that others may not. Then you too can say.

For that I am blessed!


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