Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm at home!!!

I'm sitting here in the art building at my school with 2 of my friends. She's painting, and my other friend is writing poetry. These are my people, the people that I have been looking for all this time. Since I have been in college, I have had different friends, and groups of people that I hung with, but THESE people bring out the creativity in me. I have had a little creative spirit deep within that has been trampled by all this music theory and classical music. Not that I don't like classical music, because I do. BUT i've reached the point of saturation. I have absorbed so much classical that I kind of feel like my soul is being lost (not religious of course) I have not sung gospel, or much R&B or anything for the longest time. Being around these people I think is part of the "Awakening" that I spoke about in my last post. And I LOVE IT. We are here in the studio listening to Wale, Common, you know people like that. The creativity is flowing and i'm loving it. I think we are going to hit up a poetry spot on Thursday night. Never been to something like it but I REALLY want to go. It should be fun. I hope to awaken the inner poet within. I've felt the high of putting what you feel into words, and I don't want to stop. Who knows, this writing might even lead to me writing music *GASP* Who knows what the future holds? Only God knows. Thanks for listening as always, now I'm going to take in more of this beautiful creativity before I head back to my leach that is classical music...


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  1. wonderful...very wonderful... being around people who you dig, and who dig you, and you dig the things they do. I dig it.

    -Mr. Diggable