Friday, January 8, 2010

The Beginning of the Rest of My Life...

Well, I head back to school in about a week. While thinking about what I have left to take, I got kind of scared. As far as classes go, i'll be finished after one summer session. Then next fall I student teach, and graduate *gulp* This is something that I'm both very ready for, and at the same time it scares the crap out of me! Sometimes I sit and think, "How will i do in front of the students?" "Will I teach them the music correctly?" "Am I good enough?" "Did I choose the right major?". I'm thinking these thoughts go through lots of people's heads when they get close to graduation. There is excitement, and there is also doubt.

I need to stop doubting myself, and believe that God has put me here for a reason. Here's how I know I'm supposed to be here. To be a music major, you are supposed to audition before even getting accepted. Did I audition? No I didn't but I was accepted anyway. At orientation we talked to the department head. He was surprised to see a bass there since I didn't audition. He told me they would do a choir placement when school started. Durring the choir placement he heard my voice and was happily surprised. He then escorted me to the front of everyone to let the voice staff hear my voice. They were all impressed and a few weeks later I had a music scholarship. Nothing huge, but it was a scholarship none the less. If that's not God, I don't know what is. Long story short, It's time for me to get rid of the doubt, and start working on the next chapter of my life.

Thanks for listening =)


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  1. I know the feeling all too well. You'll be fine man. Just fine. You already know to do what it do, so do it.