Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do I matter to myself?

I know the answer to the title is obviously yes, but i say this because at times I suffer when I could easily change the thing that has me suffering. A lot of the time I'd rather go through whatever issue than speak up and risk angering the other person. For example, I now have a roommate this semester. I'm used to sleeping in silence, but he likes to listen to music as he's going to sleep. I know i have 8am classes every day (God help me) and his music was keeping me up. Instead of going and asking him t turn his music down a little bit, I lay in my bed tossing and turning trying to tune it out. I just don't like to anger people. I like to sit back and let things be cool...except in this case things were not cool for me.

I find myself always telling people "you need to work on your self" or "you need to do things for you" and I sit here and don't' even ask my roomie to turn down his music so i can get a good night's rest. There is something wrong with that picture. Well I need to stop that. I am not going to get bitten or anyghing, I know what I need, so I need to go afer those things and do some things fo ME!

Now it's bed time, I asked romie to turn down the music and he did. And guess what, He was not mad or anything.
I'm off to a great start =D


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