Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Represent More Than Just You

Yesterday on the news, I saw the remarks that Pat Robertson made about the situation in Hati. I watched in utter disbelief that he would say something like that , and the fact that he is a well known minister.... There you go Pat, make us Christians look like we are heartless douche bags... I'm a Christian but I mean come on! How do you KNOW that these people made a "deal with the devil" and if that was the truth, how would you know God's reasoning? It's people like you that give all Christians a bad name. Instead of saying "it's your own fault" you should be trying to help in some way. Get the church together and send donations to the red cross so something can be done. UGH...

Other Christian folk that annoy me are the ones that sit there and condemn people to hell and stuff.. Only God can judge.. GO SIT DOWN. You can tell people what the word of God says and go on about your business. It is our job to spread the gospel, not to make everyone believe it. That is their choice. We can plant the seed, it's not up to us to make it grow. And you most DEFINITELY CAN NOT SAY "You are going to hell ! ...

So I guess all I'm saying is chill out people. You represent more than just yourself!

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